about the show

Violet Beach is an audio drama centered around seven friends from the college town of Violet Beach, Maryland. When, on New Year's Day, 2018, strange things begin to happen to the town, the group begins to investigate this "sci-fi bullshit." As they get dragged further and further into the mystery, they find themselves both closer as friends and closer to the end of the world. But hey, you win some and you lose some, right?

You might be asking: can my kids listen to Violet Beach? The answer is maybe! The show is PG-13, pretty much. There's occasional swearing, some horror themes, and romance between characters, but that's about it.

Any given episode has a blanket content warning for loud noise, water, and mentions of injury.

Violet Beach has been compared to Night in the Woods, Twin Peaks, Oxenfree, The Good Place, and LOST. 

It can be downloaded on Pinecast, iTunes, Spotify, RadioPublic, and all other major podcatchers. Transcripts are available on its website.

It is fan-funded, through Patreon, Ko-fi, and RadioPublic paid listens.

Here's episode one, for your consideration:

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Who makes this thing?

Violet Beach is created, written, and sound designed by Bee Hyland, an eighteen year-old writer and artist from Virginia. She is a full-time high-school student and part-time barista, planning to study screenwriting and sociology. She is currently working on For Teenage Girls, a podcast celebrating the voices of young women and woman-aligned people; stand-up comedy; and college applications. She's a lesbian, a dog person, and a DMV native.

The show is edited by Ollie Jones, a 24 year-old New Yorker living in Massachusetts, and a recent film studies graduate. He’s been told he looks good in overalls, but doesn’t like to brag about it.

The cast is as follows:

Teresa Marin is played by Theresa Carr
Charlotte Cranor-Liu is played by Emma Chan
Benji Ahuja is played by Ajey Pandey
Robin Cabell Harper is played by Katie Waddel
A.J. Diggs is played by Elliot Midyett
Elaine Tisca Harper is played by Pika N.
Angie Thompson is played by Amelia Bisaccia
Mae Babson is played by Katherine E. Davis

Additional voices are provided by Isabel Lavezzo, Arizona Jonson, Bee Hyland, phoenix tyor and some of Bee's friends.


"violet beach is the start of more representation in podcasts." /- itunes review from thom23456

“What could easily turn into a larger-than-life, Stranger Things meets Riverdale, action-packed adventure, though, always stays deeply rooted in character. The narrative here isn’t about a mysterious, terrifying town: the narrative is about seven friends growing up in a town that is also kind of mysterious and maybe terrifying. The overarching story in regards to the ominous happenings in the town parallel the horror and existential dread of being a young adult on the precipice of such changes: it’s always there, and sometimes it’s the most important thing to discuss, but often, it’s treated as just a part of life that hopefully the characters will get through. There’s a feeling of vulnerability and authenticity to the protagonists, partially due to their writing and partially due to their performances. The writing puts the characters in a specifically modern-day setting, but also feels timeless. There’s a combination of listlessness, nostalgia, and the desire to both hang on to things as they were and move forward present in each of the characters.” - Wil Williams, Wil Williams Reviews


where are we?

The show is all over social media! You can find it on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. It uses the hashtag #violetbeach! All social media is run by Bee. All press and/or ad inquiries can be sent via email to violetbeachpod@gmail.com.

Here's some images, for your convenience, by the way.