1x07.5 - interlude -

Listen, I don’t want to disrupt your, uh. Your order of things. Char said there was an established order, so, uh, consider this an interlude, rather than an intrusion, I guess?

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Bee Hyland
1x03 - moments of mystery

Hey, everyone, it’s Benji here to guide you through another moment of mystery. That’s catchy, I think. Teresa shut it down when I put it in the group chat, but. I like it. And Elaine liked it. Nobody else did, but only Teresa shut it down. But I like it! It’s alliterative, and it’s catchy. See, you gotta sell shit with a title, like–a title is a mini-thesis, right? Your mission statement in, uh, I’d argue seven words or less, cuz after that, you’re getting too niche. 

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