1x07 - extras


Okay, so.

Hello? Here we go. Here we go.

My name is Angie Thompson. You guys all—you all started with your names, so, so will I. I’m a—I’m a student, and a musician, and—

Look, I think I have the answers that we need. And you guys don’t need me to tell you who I am, like. We know each other. We know each other damn well, at this point. So. Let me break it down for you.  Do we need, like, a previously on—

No. You’re caught up. Okay, cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

Uh. I have notes, but I can’t read my own handwriting. I didn’t wanna type it because my computer keeps crashing and I don’t trust it to keep this audio file alive, much less sustain notes for it, so.

Teresa’s asleep right now. Which is good—she keeps having these, like, weird flashes, and. She’s not resting much, so she deserves this. She’s just–she’s not sleeping. At all. I worry about her a lot. I—

I’m really worried about her. She’s—confusing, lately. Always bouncing between worlds, literally. She hasn’t disappeared again, but sometimes, she looks at the sky like it’s wrong, like it’s—it’s foreign to her. And that’s scary. She just seems so wholly out of it and wrong, when she’s in those flashes, like—

Charlotte’s the one who explained it best. She’s—

When I went to Corielli, there was not a board. There just—wasn’t. Until, one day, uh, junior year, there was. And we were all acting like it was normal. All of us. Because it was normal. Schools have boards, right? They have, uh, people, who keep them running, even hippie schools founded by early twentieth century cultists, and, uh, rebranded by murderers.

Yeah, I feel like we brush over that a lot, that Andrew Corelli was a murderer.  I was super obsessed with that fact when I went there, that he straight up killed a dude and we never even acknowledge it. It’s great. But–anyway, look.

Like, there are theories, right? About–for every different choice that could have been made, that there’s a new timeline, a new–

If I stand up now, versus if I stand up a second later, versus a second later, versus a second later–those are all different realities. There are minute differences, sure, but there are differences.

And that’s what I think is going on. we–we experienced multiple universes, we–looped our first week after New Years. We experienced a day twice, all of us. And because of that, Teresa and Benji missed work, I missed office hours, you know? So–

I should have written this out, but, like, basically, Andrew Corielli killed an innocent guy, right? And in–in our timeline, he was prosecuted, and he went to jail, and–

Somewhere else, he tried to get around it. And he failed, but he–he invoked some weird shit. Like, Weird Shit T-M. Made a dome around the city with arcane stuff. Not a physical Stephen King dome, but, like, a magic dome. Y’know. Magic. Like–that thing that we’re pretty sure exists, but aren’t sure. Or, rather, weren’t sure.

Okay, so. Basically. Like, we can acknowledge that ghosts are real. As a group. Cuz, like, ghosts. If ghosts aren’t real, what is the point of literally anything ever? And we–like. Supernatural stuff, we can generally accept. So, yeah, it’s real, whatever. We’re past that, by now, it’s been too long to still be on that. But, anyway, our man Corielli, he figured that out a few decades before we did, with, like, weird lunar experimentation. And he–

You know. Used it to keep him and his inner circle safe.

But that safety wasn’t for everyone, right? And so–here’s what’s going on, basically, is that people are trying to escape, but they can’t technically leave the city–like, that’s the thing. I think that’s the catch, that’s what my. Informant. Told me.

I’m not gonna name her. She can’t–she can’t risk anything, she–It’s Mae. Like. It’s Mae. I hope that’s obvious enough.

She won’t hear this, but it’s Charlotte’s little girlfriend. She’s sweet. Good kid, seems smart, if a little bit naive. Like–

God, it’s weird that you kids are, like, dating and shit. Like–no. No. You’re ten forever to me, Charlotte Cranor-Liu. Ten forever. I don’t know you as anything but ten. You’re a child, Charlotte. A mere infant who is now dating somebody.

But she’s from somewhere else. There have been failed transports before, where, uh–those blank faced people, the board. That’s–they travelled universes, they’re trying to make things right. But they didn’t do it right until New Years. With Mae. She’s–she’s proud of that fact. And you should be proud of her, she escaped, like, a creepy dystopia version of reality. Where there are creepy dystopia versions of all of us. Except, weirdly, Benji. Like–I literally thought you’d ascended to eight planes away from our reality, but nope, we’re in more universes than you. Hah. I win. I’m closer to aliens than you are, you nerd. I win!

So, like, yeah, uh, Multiverse Theory confirmed, basically? Which is cool, like. That’s mega cool. That’ll make YouTube lose its collective mind. And twitter, and Facebook, and science too, I guess. Like, year. Science is important. They should maybe know this? I don’t know who to contact, like, is there a science hotline you can call, like, I saw multiverses Proctor with the devil. Or something. Did that joke? Like–did that land? Was it dumb?

Also, like, uh, welcome to my next concept album. About parallel universes, and what have you, obvi. Like, Flaming Lips vibes, maybe? Sorta Yoshimi-esque, y’know, also, can we talk about that album? It’s good and I don’t talk about it enough. I want to write something like that, y’know? Maybe get a shitty musical made out of it.

I know that’s dumb, but–

We’re not supposed to know any of this, like–there’s this whole fight going on somewhere where one dude tried to avoid one thing. And we have no idea about it! Well, had, cuz. We know now!

But that’s not the point, right? What is the point is that–

It’s that we’re okay. Nothing that happened was–was, like prophecy or a mission from the gods or a haunting or whatever, it was a coincidence.

Which is kind of a bummer. Like, I wanted answers that were exciting and that made me a hero or whatever. I wanted to be–cuz, I’ve never been. I wanted to be important. I think we all did. Like–some of you wanted to admit this, but this was–this was cool, because, it’s–it’s our chance to be sci-fi heroes, or to take control of one thing in our terrifying, short, fleeting lives or–

But that’s not how it works. It’s–we saw something we weren’t supposed to. Some people messed up, and we got hurt collaterally. That’s just–that’s how things work. Because not all of us can be protagonists, I guess.


Which is, of course, fucking dumb and bad and I hate it.

And so we learn things. And we–we maybe get to date a multidimensional girl, which is cool as hell, Charlotte, good on you, with your literal forbidden romance. Like, forbidden by the laws of the universe. And we maybe confirm a long-standing theory about the universe. But we don’t get to control our fates, we don’t get to save the world from some overwhelming evil, because we can’t. We don’t have the–we can’t.

And I hate it. I do. I cannot be clear enough about how much I hate that fact. I–I couldn’t handle school cuz of my inferiority complex, dammit, like–

Well, other reasons too, but that’s why I moved back here instead of staying. There were other reasons, bigger reasons, scarier reasons, but that was the tipping point, like–

I don’t like being unimportant, and I don’t think that’s bad. I don’t think anybody likes feeling unimportant. I think–some people project unimportance upon themselves, sure, but that’s–that’s not because they crave it, or because they want to be irrelevant to the universe. It’s because–

It’s because they feel like they have to be. Right? Right?

Right. I’m not gonna use this tape to just exposition the hell out of you. That’s bad writing. I–I did that too, Teresa, Robin, I know how stories work. You both like the literary nature of our lives, and–I don’t wanna get meta, here, but we’re movie extras.

Mixed metaphor, I guess, but not too much. Not too bad of one, right?

We’re movie extras, and, yeah, we got lives and narratives, but we’re–we’re the crowd fleeing the scene when the supervillain attacks the city. We’re the town hall talking about our problems–maybe we’ll spark a plot, I guess, but we won’t do much else.

God, that fucking sucks, I’m sorry, I’m just–like, I’m trying to find something poetic about this whole thing, and I’m stuck.

I wrote two and a half songs last night, cuz I couldn’t sleep, and cuz–well, that’s what I do. The Bean Zone an open mic tomorrow. I don’t know why I’m–

I just don’t know why I bother, y’know? I–I bullshitted my way through high school, got through it with a 4.0 on charm alone. I–it was pointless. I couldn’t do the Ivy Leagues, my music doesn’t sell, I have a low grade in my poli sci classes at Lands, and just–

I couldn’t even be important in this.

But–I have you guys, I guess. That’s–

You know how my family is. My–my parents, who, like. Y’know. Won’t let me live in my house because of what happened. And you guys–you’re not like that. As much as y’all, like, hate good music and love to tease, you guys are–nice. And Char, I know you’ll take offense to that, because–you’re not nice. That’s your whole thing. But you let me be with you, and you let me in on this chance to be important. And–

I just wanna thank you guys for that. I wanna thank you for letting me pretend that–

Just for, like, one second. 

You’re my heroes, I guess? You’re my people That’s corny, but it’s true. So it’s good. You guys are the reason I’m not just–curled up alone, spiralling into something that every therapist has told me I just need to be mindful through. I needed you guys.

I don’t want to seem clingy. I don’t wanna–

Teresa’s waking up. She’s–I need to go take care of her. Make sure she’s alright, that she’s happy, that she’s–that she’s not alone.

I don’t want any of you to be alone. I don’t think there’s anything worse than that, I–I’m glad we have each other, the seven of us. I love you guys. That’s–that’s what I want to say. And I love these stupid–these tapes. I’m gonna make more of ‘em. I hope you guys do too.


I love you, I guess. I hate the stigma around that phrase, like, I love you, and I love bad coffee, and I love my guitar, and I love–I love cartoons on Sunday mornings, y’know? That we ti’vo’d as a joke and now we’re watching them not as a joke. Cuz they’re comforting and they’re nice and they’re good and we’re those obnoxious Facebook teens like, share if you remember the good ol’ days.

I love a lot of things, is what I mean, but I love you the most. I guess. Again, corny. But true. And whatever.

I–I’m gonna miss this mystery hunting. So.

Why stop, I guess? Why, when we’re–we said we’d stop when we learned what,but what if we stopped when we learn how and why and what to do next.

Like–that’s a thing. That’s what we can do. I promise, it’ll work, it’ll give us something to do! Like–

I’m gonna go take care of T. I’m gonna put this file in the damn drive and I’m gonna let you listen to this.

So. In conclusion: No conclusion.

I love you guys the most. I–

Thanks. Hope to see you soon.